Interim Expertise & Management

No failures due to missing staff

We provide interim experts and interim managers
for your company

  • Missing staff replaced
  • Additional know-how on board
  • Set goals achieved

Quality Manager

  • Management of the quality team at the location
  • Technical customer support mainly from German OEMs
  • Accompanying and securing the manufacturing processes with regard to product and process quality
  • Customer and supplier quality assurance in series production
  • Close cooperation and communication with the corporate headquarters
  • Customer-oriented internal and external problem analysis from SOP to EOP
  • Troubleshooting

Quality Planner / Quality Engineer

  • Quality planning
  • Sampling
  • Assessment of process and production planning
  • Risk and quality analysis

Quality Engineer Customer Quality

  • Independent processing of customer complaints and contact persons for customers from the automotive industry
  • Design, implementation and implementing processes for quality improvement
  • Supporting production with root cause analysis and corrective measures
  • Ensuring quality in series production for automotive customers by introducing suitable measures, sometimes on site at the customer
  • Responsibility for cost control and reporting to quality and site management