Interim Expertise & Management

No failures due to missing staff

We provide interim experts and interim managers
for your company

  • Missing staff replaced
  • Additional know-how on board
  • Set goals achieved

Production Manager

  • Active control of the production processes and guidance of the teams in the production
  • Ensuring that the production orders are carried out on time, on schedule and in terms of quality
  • Compliance with quality and safety goals, control of work plans, parts lists and control plans
  • Active management, training and further education of production employees
  • Continuous improvement of production processes

Head of Production Control

  • Responsible for production control (rough and detailed planning of the production and assembly areas)
  • Budget planning and responsibility
  • Monitoring cost, schedule and professional order processing
  • Professional and disciplinary management of employees
  • Organization of orders
  • Supporting the continuous improvement process
  • Process planning taking into account lean production, SAP etc.
  • Direct reporting to the logistics manager

Production Planner

  • Development, planning and monitoring of the necessary activities, which are necessary for the stability of the production facilities and assembly processes
  • Planning and implementation of optimization measures with regard to costs, process stability, efficiency and ergonomics
  • Monitoring the performance based on defined metrics and development in the event of deviations from measures to achieve goals and control their sustainable implementation
  • Internal and comprehensive coordination of process parameters and influencing measures to optimize technical systems and operating resources

Relocation of Production

  • relocation of assembly lines and equipment
  • Coordination with the customer and the plants
  • Start-up support
  • Scheduling

Tool Manager

  • Technical support
  • Complete tool-side series support
  • Support in the tool approval process
  • Optimization of existing processes
  • Interface between the individual departments
  • Control of tool suppliers
  • Tool tracking and tracking of current supplier status and plant status

GiVE - Interim projects worldwide

GiVE - Interimprojekte weltweit

GiVE - Project Examples

Quality management

Client: Germany – international company, Tier 2 supplier of back shafts for the automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • The quality system was copied from other company and did not work.
    • The setting and implementation of quality system was too complicated and chaotic,
  • Project Aims

    • The implementation of functional quality system
    • The preparation for external audit from certificated company
    • Customer and supplier sampling
    • To reduce internal scrap
    • To choose new workers for quality dpt. and laboratory
    • To choose a right person for the position of quality manager
  • Approach

    • 20 years experience in automotive industry
    • Analysing the situation in company
    • Big reduction of documentation and paper work
    • Focusing on team work and good understandig, what is quality and appreciation of the activity of the workers
    • Project length: 8 months
  • Result

    • Implementation of a practical quality system and training of local quality manager, who will be active after the end of the project
    • Periodic audit from external company with out major and minor nonconformities
    • Customer ppm 3,5
    • Internal scrap reduced from 12,7 % to 3,2 %
    • The sampling was successfully done

Logistics / Warehouse management

Client: international company, Tier 1 supplier of interior electronics, engines, sensors, brake systems for the automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • Missing first line and second line in logistics
    • Situation influenced by the rapid increase in production
    • Expansion of production by building a new hall
  • Project Aims

    • Stabilizing the operation of the logistics department
    • Ensuring the smooth running of the department
    • Handing over the department to the new managers of first and second line
  • Approach

    • Using standard lean tools in logistics
    • Own internal customer system
  • Result

    • Successful handover of the logistics department
    • Stabilization of the logistics department

New project launch

Client: internationally operating German automotive Tier 1 supplier with a global market presence, develops and manufactures NOx sensors for the automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • Constant increase of production lines, also forecasted for future years
    • Lack of production space capacity
    • Analysis needed to evaluate clients possibilities
    • Transfer of low added value production- outsourcing analysis
  • Project Aims

    • Find a missing space for growing business- internal and outsourcing
    • Evaluate potential risks – risk analysis
    • Ensure continuous production without lines stoppage
  • Approach

    • Project management experiences, can do attitude, capability to work under stress and multitask environment
    • Substitution for the overloaded employees
  • Result

    • From initial brainstorming growing up to 18 scenarios, final analysis containing 2 variants agreed with Czech management
    • 2 final scenarios presented and agreed with top management
    • A selected solution that will take effect from 2019

Supplier resident

Client: international company, Tier 1 supplier of brake components for the automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • A German supplier was in delay with the supply to the US customer
    • No smooth shipment to the 3 customers in Germany, US, China
    • Premium freight 1 mil Eur per year only to the US customer
  • Project Aims

    • Ensure fluent deliveries to all customer
    • Avoid stopping the line in Aldersbach, China, Bendix
    • Minimize downtime in the shortest possible time
    • Depth analysis of supplier root cause regarding deliveries, production capacity utilization
    • Improve supplier intercompany communication and info flow
  • Approach

    • Production analytical skills, work experience, JIS, Lead time
    • Analysing/Adjusting production and material planning
    • Action proposals to follow up shipment plant
    • Supplier management in pre-series and in serial production of new components
  • Result

    • Reduction of customer backlogs
    • Reduction flying premium freights (saving 20k $ per week, overall during 8months of project 320k $)
    • Set up standard sea shipment
    • Ensure production fluency and return to automated and serial production

Quality project leadership

Client: German company, Tier 2 supplier of electronic components for automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • Company shortly after entrance of new owner asking for quality level improvement
    • Unknown quality level of production processes
    • High number of customer claims and internal scrap
    • Mostly used manually performed checks and visual inspection
    • Unused automatic inspection possibilities
  • Project Aims

    • Concept definition and implementation of improved quality system for one product group that can be taken over for other production processes
    • Implement the improved concept to current quality system
    • Reduction of duplicated inspections and checks
    • Support for solving customer claims
  • Approach

    • Using common quality tools
    • Implement enhanced quality system supporting management to evaluate quality level based on real statistics
    • Personal costs savings for changing manual performed inspections to automatic
  • Result

    • Implemented and verified procedure of MSA for visual inspection
    • Evaluated capability study of production process steps and MSA for EOL cameras, magnetic tests and conduction tester
    • Improved system for FMEA and implicated documents as WI, CP, failure cards and records based on product groups
    • Definition of efficient quality system based on automatic inspection and feedback data from production processes

Finance / OTC processes

Client: international SW company, the largest market share in its area of business

  • Client Situation

    • Company takeover by its biggest competitor
    • Most of employees of bought company laid off
    • Lost of knowledge and know-how of financial processes
    • Several accounting and ordering SW
    • Missing data checks among these SW
    • Increasing amount of unpaid due receivables
  • Project Aims

    • OTC (Order To Cash) Process analysis
    • Description of processes
    • To find possible errors and avoid their repetition
    • Improve processes
    • To ensure decrease of due receivables
  • Approach

    • Obtaining data from all related SW
    • Comparison of data series for last 3 years
    • Investigate processes from old manuals
    • Investigate processes by cross-examine with remaining employees
    • Presentation to board of directors introducing processes, found errors and improvements
  • Result

    • Decrease of amount of due receivables, description of processes, errors found
    • Issuing invoices without real sales (fraud behaviour caused by former employee– announced to CFO) and change of SW set up
    • Issuing of credit notes only in one SW without mirroring in others – training to related employee how to do it in proper way
    • Wrong calculation of FX differences – description and proposal how to improve it

Supplier quality assurance (SQA)

Client: international company, Tier 1 supplier of seats for the automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • Many new project with compressed timing
    • Supplier not delivering parts
    • Missing skilled personnel
    • New supplier for critical project
  • Project Aims

    • Reach project compressed timing
    • Manage new critical supplier
    • APQP process with suppliers to achieve PSW in time
    • Crisis management with key supplier
    • Ensure parts for project launch
  • Approach

    • Using quality tools: QS 9000, VDA 6.1, ISO TS 16949, ISO 14001, EM, APQP, PPAP, SPC, Poka - Yoke, OEE, TPM, SMED, MSA, 8D, FMEA, Six Sigma, Lean management
    • Ensure fluent delivering of components with the required quality (according to standard)
    • Supplier development
  • Result

    • Successful final customer launch
    • Achieve with supplier required capacity

Project management 1

Client: Tier 1 Automotive supplier of stamped parts/welded assemblies of car body

  • Client Situation

    • Capacity limit of stamping machines
    • Backlog of deliveries
    • High fluctuation of stamping staff
    • Additional cost for extra transports
    • High costs for scrap
    • Claim from customer
  • Project Aims

    • Reach capacity for new projects
    • Reduce the costs for extra transport
    • Improve and stabilize situation of deliveries
    • Reduce the cost of damaging of tooling
  • Approach

    • Weekly regular meeting of SMED team
    • Evaluation of results and discover potential for optimization
    • Adjusting of production batches according the call offs and size of the parts
    • Definition of boundary samples for short release of the production
    • Special benefits for the staff in case of reached the targets
  • Result

    • OEE increase of 5%
    • Shorten time for setting the tool
    • Trained staff used team work among departments
    • Reduced extra shift during weekend
    • Increased level of stamping knowledge of the staff
    • Preventive maintenance installment

Project management 2

Client: Tier 1 automotive supplier, manufacturer of aluminium BiW products for the automotive industry, technology stamping, welding, clinching, riveting

  • Client Situation

    • Project for OEM Client (JLR) - aluminium BiW parts
    • Cash-Flow problems – invest. approx. 15 Mio € but 0,- € return, caused with no released parts & quality issues
    • Stock capacity increase
    • Stamping capacity problems on stamping machine in Italy
    • Quality Problems - support from external company
    • Project Management Problems - project timing changes , internal poor project munugement, huge time load from the client
    • Poor supplier management & tools implementation in the production
    • Employee – high ffluctuation, rewards for special work shifts
  • Project Aims

    • Monitoring the level of technology, organization of the production process with the possibility of implementing new productions
    • Project Team Management /Planning, Organization, Implementation, Motivation, Control/
    • Cooperation with AM in specifying the VOO, checking the calculation, verifying the feasibility of the project
    • Develop stage plans, timetables and project budgets
    • Progress in all processes in terms of applicable OS and PP
    • Collaboration with company sections within the technical and material specification when entering queries, evaluating contracts, ordering parts of investment actions
  • Approach

    • Daily reports direction supplier - project management
    • Daily regular internal & external JLR meetings
    • Internal communication improvement & tools
    • Costs reduction (logistic, personal, financial suppliers load)
    • Quality management change - New interim quality manager for stamping machine in Italy
    • Change & Risk management established
  • Result

    • Implemented Project Management & tools - better project timing
    • Implemented Change & Risk management tools
    • Supplier management – SQA managers for toolmakers in China, South Korea, Slovakia, Czech Republic
    • Project cooperation between business units in Slovakia - main 94 parts finalisation
    • Production - new robotic welding assembly workplaces, New manual riveting stations Quilty hiring of new interim quality manager for tooling machine in Italy Decreasing of unexpected logistic costs (air transport)

Process quality engineer

Client: international company, Tier 3 supplier of seats for the automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • Bad communication between quality inspectors on various shifts
    • Control gauges after planned refurbishment will not meet customer requirements
    • Root cause investigation not fully systematic
    • Process parameters correction in case of NOK products
    • Unknown variation of measurement process
  • Project Aims

    • Improve communication of quality inspectors between shifts
    • Correct range of control gauges refurbishment up to customer requierements
    • Improve root cause investigation
    • Eliminate loss from reactive correction
    • Understand variation of measurement process
  • Approach

    • Quality tools: 5 why, is/is not, team work, SPC, MSA
    • Leadership, team work, communication skills
  • Result

    • Regular meetings with quality inspectors on place including meeting minutes
    • Refurbishment of control gauges clarified on 1 pilot gauge, next gauges in schedule
    • Root cause investigation implemented, first benefits on place

Production management

Client: international company, supplier of chassis frames for the automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • The customer needed to increase the capacity by 50%
    • Brownfield, no greenfield construction
  • Project Aims

    • Ensure a 50% increase in production in a brownfield environment
    • Involving managers in these changes
  • Approach

    • Selecting the ideal layout variant
    • Developing Value Stream Analyses (VSA)
    • Developing Value Stream Design (VSD)
    • Develop layout variants
  • Result

    • Production of VSDs with shortening of total production time
    • Developing an ideal layout
    • Schedule of necessary activities to start up production

Capital expenditure buyer

Client: internationally operating German Tier 1 automotive parts supplier with a global market presence, develops and manufactures rubber hoses and engine cooling circuits for the automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • Instability in the purchasing team, most of the long term employees left
    • Starting a new project for key customer, critical situation with new purchased parts and investments in pre-serial phase
    • Many unresolved issues, overload of the employees and demotivation of newcomers
    • Poor discipline in the processes between IE and PUR, missing or wrong data in the SAP and other information systems
  • Project Aims

    • Securing the delivery deadlines, eliminating delays
    • Stabilization of the purchasing team
    • Savings within the project purchasing contracts
    • Consolidation of the teamwork in pre-serial workshop
    • Improvements in supplier panel performance
    • Identifying launching new improvements – savings
  • Approach

    • 17 years experiences in automotive, pre-serial purchasing, negotiation skills, knowledge of purchasing processes, capability to work under stress and multitask environment
    • Substitution for the missing employees, with the ongoing process and data consolidation
  • Result

    • Release of the escalation status by OEM
    • Approx. 80 k€ savings within the managed project
    • Successful recruiting and integration of new permanent employees
    • Integration of new suppliers, on time deliveries over 97%

Industry engineering

Client: international company, Tier 1 supplier, manufacturer of rubber hoses for the automotive industry

  • Client Situation

    • Serial production and protoshop – high turn over of staff, underestimated capacities on some positions, employees demotivated, chaos and inefficiency in some processes
    • Difficulty with deliveries on time and in demanded quantity
    • Strategic project not under control
    • Staff without proper experience and reliability
  • Project Aims

    • Analysis of the current situation, defining of bottlenecks, making proposals of countermeasures
    • Organisational changes in management (main partner lost), getting support from purchase department
    • Setup cooperation among all departments
  • Approach

    • Experiences from project management and automotive industry, pre-serial projects, process optimization, team management
    • Increasing efficiency in processes on protoshop and engineering area, processes stabilization, improving of communication
    • Ensuring new suppliers for engineering/protoshop
  • Result

    • Main bottlenecks defined and communicated with management, countermeasures proposed
    • Some countermeasures implemented – engineering area
    • Good integration into the project team
    • Strategic project support and stabilization
    • Increasing of number of suppliers for protoshop

Quality engineer

Client: international company, Tier 2 supplier - manufacturer and supplier of mechanical plastic components and systems for the automotive industry

    • Process improvement
    • Gauge improvement
    • Quality of parts improvement (visual and dimensional)
    • New drawings with better tolerances
    • Closed PPAPs
    • Transparent approach to customers and agreeing on realistic targets dates
    • Gauge evaluation and managing the gauge changes
    • Creating action plan and weekly follow up with customer to close PPAPs
    • Analysing measuring reports
    • Evaluation of process and new set up of parameters
    • Closing PPAPs
    • Reducing escalation levels
    • Customer satisfaction
    • Missing people on projects in quality department
    • Not transparent approach
    • Customer escalations
    • No response or late response to customers
    • Not closed PPAPs
Quality assurance support

Client: The world's leading premium brand for polymer-based innovations and systems in the automotive sector

  • Client Situation

    • Client built new production hall and started eight new projects in second half of year 2019.
    • There is extreme human resources shortage.
    • There is no any Plant Quality Manager and there are missing two Project Quality Engineers.
    • All Production Quality employee came from Production, they are unskilled and unexperienced.
    • Company is temporary supported by the group specialist.
    • They are implemented a lot of new processes.
    • Internal nonconformities are not solved, they are repeated and causes high scrap costs.
  • Project Aims

    • Implementation of internal nonconformities management process.
    • Installation and implementation of the group SW tool for NC process management.
    • Users training and supporting.
  • Approach

    • Process design – SW Tool installation – Trial operation – feedback implementation – handover to standard operation.
    • Self training of the NC management SW tool.
    • Other plants visit, to see the processes and its differences.
    • NC process modification according plant requirements.
    • Process roles design. Responsibilities and authorities description.
    • Users nomination. Tool authorities SW setup.
    • Kick off meeting with all users.
    • Training of all users according their roles.
    • Setup of periodical cross-section meetings to solve the NC with all interested employees.
    • Leading of the NC meetings. Supporting of users in daily agenda.
    • Detail user manuals creation.
  • Result

    • NC process is fully implemented.
    • The tool is installed and used correctly.
    • Average NC solving time is 3 working days (in other plants it needs approx. one month).
    • NC are solved and company is coming back to the "good quality standard".

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