Interim Expertise & Management

Production Manager

  • Active control of the production processes and guidance of the teams in the production
  • Ensuring that the production orders are carried out on time, on schedule and in terms of quality
  • Compliance with quality and safety goals, control of work plans, parts lists and control plans
  • Active management, training and further education of production employees
  • Continuous improvement of production processes

Head of Production Control

  • Responsible for production control (rough and detailed planning of the production and assembly areas)
  • Budget planning and responsibility
  • Monitoring cost, schedule and professional order processing
  • Professional and disciplinary management of employees
  • Organization of orders
  • Supporting the continuous improvement process
  • Process planning taking into account lean production, SAP etc.
  • Direct reporting to the logistics manager

Production Planner

  • Development, planning and monitoring of the necessary activities, which are necessary for the stability of the production facilities and assembly processes
  • Planning and implementation of optimization measures with regard to costs, process stability, efficiency and ergonomics
  • Monitoring the performance based on defined metrics and development in the event of deviations from measures to achieve goals and control their sustainable implementation
  • Internal and comprehensive coordination of process parameters and influencing measures to optimize technical systems and operating resources

Relocation of Production

  • relocation of assembly lines and equipment
  • Coordination with the customer and the plants
  • Start-up support
  • Scheduling

Tool Manager

  • Technical support
  • Complete tool-side series support
  • Support in the tool approval process
  • Optimization of existing processes
  • Interface between the individual departments
  • Control of tool suppliers
  • Tool tracking and tracking of current supplier status and plant status
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