Interim Expertise & Management

No failures due to missing staff

We provide interim experts and interim managers
for your company

  • Missing staff replaced
  • Additional know-how on board
  • Set goals achieved

Supplier Quality Management

  • Support of several project teams in all quality issues regarding the supplier
  • Implementation of risk classifications
  • Responsibility and implementation of the APQP processes
  • Process audits according to VDA 6.3, potential analyzes and process approvals
  • Contact person for project management, project purchasing and development
  • Contact person for project management, project purchasing and development
  • Support in escalation processing
  • High proportion of travel

SQA Quality Engineer

  • Proposing and evaluating corrective and preventive measures for quality maintenance and quality system improvement, checking their effectiveness
  • Working with QM on the results of customer process audit assessments and certification audits, working on correct and preventive measures
  • Providing visual management related to a surveillance area
  • Checking the current status of procedures and technical documentation
  • Checking the correct and preventive measures for quality improvement and their effectiveness
  • Checking the current process FMEA status and checked plans for changes or new products
  • Selection of the type of internal employee training within the framework of the quality management system
  • Preparing and conducting entry-level and repeated quality training within the company

Supplier Management / Troubleshooting / Resident

  • Interface between customer (OEM) and supplier's plant as troubleshooter
  • Tracking tasks and measures and coordinate this with the customer and the supplier
  • Supporting the elimination of quality, process and personnel problems on the shop floor
  • Tracking production quantities, scrap and delivery quantities