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Konkurrierende Antriebsarten für Autos. Welche überzeugt am meisten?

In den letzten Jahrzehnten haben sich die Antriebsarten für Autos stark weiterentwickelt. Von den ursprünglichen Verbrennungsmotoren über Hybrid- und Elektromotoren bis hin zu Brennstoffzellensystemen gibt es mittlerweile verschiedene Arten von Motoren für Autos. Welcher dabei am besten abschneidet, hängt ganz entschieden vom Verwendungszweck und den Anforderungen an Leistung und Umweltschutz ab. Im Folgenden erfahren Sie mehr über die Funktionsweise und die Vor- und Nachteile der aktuell gängigsten Antriebe.

Global Sourcing

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Global Sourcing

Global sourcing is a relatively new trend that has developed in recent years. Unlike conventional sourcing, global sourcing is not limited to a specific market or manufacturer, but companies try to find the best products in the entire market. This makes it possible to reduce production and procurement costs while obtaining high-quality products.

Global Footprint - Produktionsverlagerung

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Global Footprint - Relocation of production

According to a recent survey by the DIHK (The Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry), around 15 percent of companies are now considering relocating production facilities back to Europe again. The following article explains the drivers and success factors for this development, which locations offer competitive advantages and for which industries relocation of production is particularly worthwhile.

Global Footprint

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Global Footprint - Uncertain supply chains and possible solutions

Uncertain supply chains represent a serious problem for companies in the automotive sector. Even a shortage of small components can shut down the entire production and lead to an enormous loss of revenue. 

But why are supply chains uncertain, and what are possible solutions? In the following article, we address these questions: 

Personalmangel gegensteuern

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Staff shortage - definition, causes and possible solutions

Staff shortages are making the headlines more and more often. No wonder, because it is becoming an ever greater problem for companies in Germany. There is not only a shortage of workers in the care or service sectors. There are also personnel shortages in highly qualified industries such as automotive, where it affects both workers and management personnel. Find out below what the causes of this personnel shortage are, what costs are incurred by an unfilled position and how you can take countermeasures.