Code of Conduct of Interim Manager

This document demonstrates the values ​​and procedures that GiVE Management Consulting GmbH seeks and requires from the Interim Manager with whom it works:

  1. Professional competence: I have sufficient professional or managerial knowledge and experience in the area I offer my services to the customer. I can prove my experience with several years of experience.

  2. Fast, open and fair communication with GiVE: I respond to GiVE queries and messages with maximum speed and openness. I am aware of it that exactly the speed and open and true communication are the keys to getting the project and the basis for the long-term cooperation and good reputation in the market.

  3. Flexibility and resistance to stress: I can work under both the time pressure and the pressure of the situation. I am flexible in terms of time and work place.

  4. Superiority of the client's interests: The client's interest in the project is superior to my personal interests and I try to meet the client's wishes and requirements. I consider it as a matter of personal honor to fulfill my obligations in time and to deliver work of the required quality. I am a team player.

  5. Prevention and informing GiVE about conflicts of interests: I will not violate the business ethics rules for both business partners and employees or other groups, even if the client directly or indirectly encourages me to do so. In connection with my work, I will follow the laws and regulations and the GiVE contract.

  6. Acting and performing at the client under the name of GiVE: I always act as a GiVE representative in all client meetings and within a follow-up project, and I am loyal to GiVE.

  7. Respecting of the confidentiality principles: I am aware of and respect the confidentiality principles about the facts I will learn within the scope of my project at the client and I will never use this information in violation of the law and the concluded contract. I adhere to the confidentiality of my business relationship and terms and conditions with GiVE.
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