Interim Expertise & Management

No failures due to missing staff

We provide interim experts and interim managers
for your company

  • Missing staff replaced
  • Additional know-how on board
  • Set goals achieved

Supply Chain Manager

  • Organization / optimization of material supply and control of production logistics
  • Optimization and further development of internal supply chain processes
  • Requirements planning and processing of orders
  • Interface management

Logistics Manager

  • Organization, optimization and, if necessary, restructuring of the shop floor and logistics processes
  • Bottleneck control
  • Trouble shooting
  • Close communication with customers (German OEM's)
  • Start-up control / launch management logistics
  • Warehousing
  • Implementation of key figures
  • Management of employees

Logistics Dispatcher

  • Ensuring a trouble-free, timely and stock-optimized material supply
  • Coordinating deliveries with customers and suppliers
  • Taking countermeasures in the event of bottlenecks to ensure production
  • Optimization of the required processes
  • Participation in the development and optimization of products
  • Planning and control of the capacities and dates required for the task area
  • Controlling and monitoring the scheduling processes e.g. determining order sequence for machine planning, coordinating personnel allocation, ensuring adherence to deadlines, scheduling work equipment
  • Monitoring of target achievement and taking measures
  • Communication and representation of the company with customers and suppliers