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Consulting approaches

GiVE will advise you if you ...

  • have to choose between Germany, Poland, Bulgaria and Romania when looking for a location.
  • want to reduce costs in the Slovakian plant.
  • looking for a plot of land, a sales area or a hall in the Czech Republic, Hungary or Kazakhstan.
  • want to set up their own sales structures in Russia and need a logistics solution for this.
  • need market analyzes in Russia and Ukraine need for certain building materials.
  • need authorizations from authorities in Russia need.
  • want to find suppliers in China, India, Turkey or the Czech Republic.
  • are setting up a plant in China.
  • focus on emerging countries in North Africa and South America.

... or have to deal with another task in the emerging markets.
We work out a suitable solution for your company with our experts on site.

GiVE - consulting projects worldwide

GiVE - Beratungsprojekte weltweit


Global Footprint

Global Footprint - Market focus | Added value

In recent years, value creation structures have been established in the growth regions of Asia and Eastern Europe. Extensive networks (customers, plants, suppliers, logistics, etc.) have emerged.

However, the global markets show high volatility and the general economic conditions such as exchange rates, wage costs, employee availability, energy costs, etc. are changing.

Companies are forced to increase flexibility and secure liquidity. The market focus has to be adjusted faster and the break-even reduced.

We help you answer the following questions:

  • How have the parameters (demand, exchange rate, wage and logistics costs etc.) of the markets changed?
  • Which markets have which potential and when and how should they be opened up and processed?

A project example on the topic of Global Footprint:


New Markets

New Markets - Risk | Potential

The young growth markets are a good opportunity for many companies to generate strong growth.
Determining the regions, cities, customer segments and access to the market via external or own sales structures determines the success or failure of the market entry right from the start.

To help you position yourself optimally in these markets, we support you with the following services:

  • Market and competition analysis
  • Sales structures
  • Actionable goals
  • Market entry strategy
  • Search, evaluation and selection of distribution partners
  • Development of own sales structures
  • Marketing concepts | Moments of truth
  • Customer relationship management

A project example on the topic of New Markets:



Locations - Fixed costs | Risk minimization

By determining the location, fixed costs for the next few years are set.

The time and cost plans are often not adhered to when setting up the location because there is no experience in the target country.
In the low-cost countries, costs are increasing. If these locations are to exist in the future, cost optimization must be carried out.

We start at the points mentioned and offer our customers a comprehensive service package:

  • Location identification and assessment international | regional | local
  • Business plan
  • Search and valuation of land and rental properties
  • Obtaining permits
  • Concept of production, procurement and logistics
  • Recruitment
  • Project management until the start of production

A project example on the topic of locations:


Global Sourcing

Global Sourcing - Cost Reduction | Direct Influence on the G&V

GiVE attaches great importance to the selection of product groups with a high cost reduction potential, suitable procurement regions and the selection of reliable suppliers who meet the quality requirements of our customers.

We accompany you from the purchasing strategy to supplier development with the following services:

  • Procurement optimization
  • Definition of procurement markets
  • Potential assessment of the product groups
  • Inquiry packages and requirements
  • Supplier identification and evaluation
  • Price offers
  • Sampling

A project example on the topic of Global Sourcing:

Our Experts: (selection)



Logistics - Optimizing costs | Powerful structures and processes

The logistics services often accompany the market entry or the establishment of distribution and the connection of new locations and suppliers.

We offer you support in the following areas:

  • Definition of logistics requirements
  • Analysis of the existing structures
  • Modeling processes and costs
  • Concept for building new structures and processes
  • Concept for the optimization of logistics processes
  • Search, evaluation and selection of logistics companies
  • Implementation of logistics solutions (inbound, outbound, factory logistics)

A project example on the topic of Logistik: